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Course Programming

Professional Company Courses
The Myth of One Measure Fits All:  
“While standardized courses may meet the needs of the lower levels, at higher levels the specific needs of the learners calls for ‘made to measure’ training courses”.

Our courses are not ‘off the shelf’ courses – No single text (course book or on-line platform), no matter how well accredited, will match the specific needs of a single student, or a group of students.
La progettazione di un processo di apprendimento prevede l'elaborazione dei percorsi formativi e la creazione del programma e del relativo materiale didattico in base alle “communication needs”. Il materiale didattico è strutturato in moduli che comprendono Focus Exercise e Situation Simulation
Starting from the initial analysis of what the participants ‘need’ to put into practice, and taking into consideration the ‘start level’, we take the following steps:
  1. Identification of priorities in pragmatic terms
    (Example: Comprehension of spoken English may be a secondary issue if communication takes place only via email. On the contrary, a technician who has competence in written technical documentation may need to focus on fluency and comprehension)
  2. logical sequence of ‘steps’
    (Example: “Requesting detailed info” will come before “negotiating alternative solutions” in terms of the complexity of required language structures)
  3. Creation of the “Material File” - Sequential training modules which:
    a) Introduce target language;
    b) Put the target language into a practical, and
     pertinent, context;
    c) Give the student an opportunity to apply the
     language skill in a work-related problem-solving
Our training programmes are adapted to the student’s level and needs, (while keeping in mind, of course, the need to improve in terms of overall command of the target language …….)
The sooner you can put into practice what you have studied, the sooner you will really have learned what you have studied
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