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Professional Company Courses
La nostra metodologia didattica prevede il coinvolgimento attivo dei partecipanti e un approccio sia concettuale sia funzionale per l'acquisizione delle capacità di comunicazione in specifici contesti lavorativi.
The strong point of our teaching methodology has always been the ability to involve small groups of business people in active class sessions in order to improve their communication capabilities.
There are 8 different sublevels of capacity classification in our training system.
Our “Professional Company Courses” are designed for levels 3 to 6.
Each training cycle of 60 hours enables the student to pass from one level to the next, in terms of communication ability, within this range:
Level Range: 1 (A1) – 2(A2) – 3(B1.1) – 4(B1.2) – 5(B2.1) – 6(B2.2) -7(C1) – 8 (C2)

3 phases
Consolidation of a sufficient working base of vocabulary and grammar.
  1. Acquisition of generic functional phraseology.
  2. La sperimentazione della struttura linguistica acquisita in situazioni aziendali (complex problem solving).
The 3 phases (indicated above) are not necessarily equal in length.
For those groups that are still at the beginning of their training path (Level 3(B1.1)), the first two phases involving grammar, vocabulary and basic phraseology are frequently longer.
They may extend for twenty or even twenty-five hours each, leaving from ten to fifteen hours to be devoted to group simulations.
With higher groups (Level 6(B2.2)), the last two phases will often start earlier in order to develop these more important and more advanced concepts to a complete degree.

Phase 1:
Vocabulary and Grammar: (“Presentation”)
The trainer is the centre of the activity, coordinating the assimilation of the target structures.

Phase 2:
Generic Functional Phraseology (“Practice”)
Percorsi personalizzati alle esigenze dei partecipanti e delle aziende e strutture linguistiche immediatamente applicabili in azienda. Adeguare i corsi ai bisogni e non i bisogni agli standard dei corsi!
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