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Evaluation Project

Professional Company Courses
In larger organisations, the decision of how to invest the training budget ( or how to estimate the budget required) can be a complex issue: who to train, and how to train them?

The Language Solution ‘Evaluation Project’ was developed to address this issue.

(Typically the “Evaluation project” represents 10% of the investment, and results in a REAL saving of 30% !!! – difficult to quantify, but imagine spending on the wrong people (those who don’t need training) and excluding the right people ( those who really did need the training).
Even if you have identified the right ‘population’, imagine the ‘cost’ of giving (supplying/paying for…) a training course that does not address the REAL TRAINING NEEDS.

Evaluation project è uno strumento che ottimizza l'investimento di tempo e denaro nell'analisi dei bisogni formativi, individua le priorità all'interno dei diversi settori e ruoli professionali per progettare interventi mirati.

  1. Compilation of “Needs Analysis” questionnaire (to be performed by the manager of the candidate), followed by an interview with the candidate’s manager to analyse in more depth the training needs. (This step has the added advantage of directly involving the manager in the design and personalisation of the training path).

  2. Candidate interview Calculation of training priority: sector by sector, department by department, candidate by candidate. This gives an estimate of the budget required, and how to distribute the budget to optimise the investment.

  3. Identification of the “target population”, creation of homogeneous groups and definition of the training path and objectives.

  4. Progress Evaluation and Feedback

The evaluation project is NOT a simple ‘Gap Analysis’. Instead it is a methodological approach to evaluating training priority, required investment, and the basis of tailored training programmes.

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